Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A night in a hotel.....

On Bank Holiday Monday we spent the night at the Hoxton Hotel. Decadent, given that we live in London. To be fair, it was on offer, and we'd (well, I say we, probably more I), had always quite fancied staying there.

I could wax lyrical for the entire blog about what I love at that place (pretty much everything); the only thing I'd change being the standard double bed. As we are used to a super-king, neither of us got much sleep. Hey ho. Is a night in a hotel really about the sleep??

I recently read Alain de Botton's 'How to think more about sex'. As you might be aware from previous posts, I don't really have an issue thinking about sex often. But I'm always up for reading current thoughts on the matter ;-)

He mentions that couples in long term relationships  can sometimes liven things up with a night in a hotel. To be fair, he does also go on to talk about couples introducing a 3rd person  to the relationship, so I'm not convinced about all of it....

I should point out at at this stage of the game, that I'd booked the room before I read the book. Travel magazines are my porn. I have a pile of Conde Nast magazines that are taller than a little person.

But a change of location, however small (SW11 to EC2A), can have a profound effect. Putting aside the padded headboard, a chaise in the room at a very condusive height, and the possibilities of a free afternoon, something happened, and it must be primarily the change of environment. 

We ended up having conversations we'd never had before, revealing things that the other didn't know. We laughed, we explored, we took some photos in the photo booth...  but we also shared and listened in a way that we don't often get time to do in the average week.

And maybe that's just about timing, though I doubt it. I think it's more to do with a break of routine, setting aside time to do something and out of the ordinary, in a different location, and seeing were that takes you.

So go on, check into a hotel for the night. See what happense. Let me know.... x

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